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Have you noticed how there's more and more 'business guru' content online?

For clarity, we don't have an issue with business gurus.

In fact, there's a lot we can learn from how they market.

But what do have a problem with is...

Clickbait videos, articles and podcasts.

I can't tell you how many times I've been sucked into watching a 10 minute video to then realise I've learned nothing, it wasn't relevant and i'd likely forget this by tomorrow.

Ok, I can tell you how many times...

(but it's embarrassing)...

Every single day for the last 10 years πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.

That's why, here at Crushed Content we're building an alternative way to consume business content...

That leverages the power of the internet.

Without wasting any of your precious time.

Rather than some long wordy explanation, here's an image that explains what we do:

Make sense?

Can you feel the potential power of your new secret weapon surging through your veins?


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PS - You'll hear us use the word 'real-business' a bunch.

It's our way of differentiating between a tech startup that's just raised Β£10 million…

With everyone else - lifestyle business', freelancers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, brick and mortar, e-commerce (you get the point).

So if you've just raised a ton of money for your tech startup, this newsletter is probably not for you.

If you haven't, this newsletter is definitely for you.